K-Plan Lifecycle

Keap is a very powerful tool that gives you a CRM, Marketing, Lead Capture, Sales Pipeline, & E-Commerce all in one system backed by the poweer of automation.

As a former member of Keap's tech support team and someone who delivered their kickstart training as well as having 10 years in app experience, i am uniquely qualified to help you unlock the full power of what Keap can do for your business.

Check out our Keap Service packages below.

Lifecycle Basic

£60 an hour

This is our pay as you go plan. You get Keap Consultancy and Implementation.

Lifecycle Standard

£1000 a Month

This is our retainer service. You get a guaranteed 10 hours of Keap Consultancy and Implementation every month + FixYouyrFunnel & PlusThis accounts.

Lifecycle Pro

£3000 a month

This is for businesses that need specialist integrations built for them. Includes all Lifecycle Standard + out K-Plan Create Service.